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Logan Brae House

About Us

Logan Brae is a place for meeting, collaboration and celebration. It's a unique precinct dedicated to learning, social connection and underpinned by care for people and care for the earth. We are passionate about wellbeing and community enrichment. We celebrate creativity and inclusion. 

Logan Brae Vision

To transform people lives through meaningful social connection and the serenity of place. Logan Brae will be known as a welcoming place where participation in a range of experiences brings a sense of joy and feelings of hope for the future of the collective. 

Logan Brae Values

Wellness & Spirituality - Promote wellness and spirituality by alleviating physical and mental health issues through holistic interventions and complimentary therapies.

Community - Provide opportunities for social connection through a range of experiences.

Service - To provide a range of opportunities that enable people to support each other and improve the quality of their lives. 

Social Justice - To be a place where fairness, equality, access and inclusion are at the forefront of our organisation.