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Cloud Cuckoo Land

Few writers in recent times have delighted both readers and critics alike as Anthony Doerr, with ‘All the Light we Cannot See’ especially loved. His latest novel is very different but just as wonderful. ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ is a long and addictive novel to get lost in, written by a writer who cares about his characters and their quest for redemption.


In a small town in modern day Idaho an elderly librarian faces a troubled boy in a hostage situation. In Constantinople of the 1400s an orphaned girl becomes obsessed with books, while a Bulgarian boy is recruited for the invading army because of his skill with oxen. These are the two main story arcs, and while they may not appear to be initially linked they most definitely are.


Many of the the ancient texts that still exist do so because Constantinople withstood invasion so many times. How ‘Cloud Cloud Cuckoo Land’, a book known to have existed when Constantinople fell but since lost, impacts upon the future is there for the reader to gradually discover.


Like ‘All the Light we Cannot See’, readers will enjoy this journey.


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